Italian Dining in Freeport, Maine

Italian food has a long and wonderful history in Maine, and it is a mainstay of Freeport, Maine’s restaurant scene. Freeport’s Italian restaurants transform fresh, local Maine ingredients like seafood, produce and cheeses into Italian dining favorites like pizzas, pastas and sophisticated entrees and desserts. Italian immigrants have had a long-lasting impact on Maine’s cuisine, and you can taste that wonderful history in every delicious bite at Freeport’s Italian restaurants.

Looking for the famous Maine Italian sandwich? First developed on Maine’s docks by immigrants over 100 years ago, the Maine Italian is on the menu at many Italian restaurants and cafes in Freeport. Freeport’s boutique markets are also wonderful places to pick up Italian dining staples. Make an impromptu picnic of Italian wines, antipasto, breads, cheeses and chocolates for your next Maine sightseeing adventure!

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