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Freeport, Maine Story Ideas

freeportusa008 copy-X3 (1)Maine hospitality meets shop-till-you drop. L.L.Bean put Freeport on the map and it is still perfectly situated in the center of town. LLBean’s campus is surrounded by a nearly endless array of merchants and locally owned restaurants, taverns, and places to stay. With the ocean, mountains and even a desert within a couple miles of Main Street, visitors to Freeport are perfectly situated to explore and discover quintessential Maine. Two key differences here are Freeport’s small-town feel and the absence of mega-stores.

We recently compiled Freeport’s Rules of Engagement and the 10 Best Ways to Maximize Your Freeport Experience.



admin-ajaxCulinary experiences rivaling the “Foodiest Small Town in America.” That’s our nearby neighbor, Portland. One of Freeport’s best attractions is its range of culinary offerings. From great and longtime destination restaurants like Azure Cafe to on-trend newcomers like Maine Craft Distilling, there’s food and drink here to please every palette.

Of the many cool things happening in L.L.Bean’s shadow, there’s an amazing little circuit of tastings within easy walking distance of one another. Some highlights include Wilbur’s Chocolates, Coastal Maine Popcorn, Maine Craft Distilling, FIORE Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars, When Pigs Fly bakery and others. It’s easy to taste the range of offerings just by strolling through town.



20131207_sparkle118-XLYour destination for year round travel in Maine. It’s not that we don’t love summer, we just think Freeport is a fantastic place to be during every season. Maine is the place to be to take in fall foliage. Visitors can accomplish all their holiday shopping needs in one trip to Freeport, and, of course, L.L.Bean’s summer concert series is the perfect way to wind down on summer nights.

Each February, we spice up cold winter days with Flavors of Freeport, the hottest event of the season. Guests sample tastes from our favorite local food vendors, and wash away winter blues at our outdoor ice bar.


brewster (2)You can’t see all of Freeport in a day – so stay! For every incredible reason there is to visit Freeport, there’s the perfect spot to stay the night and experience even more. From luxury accommodations to waterfront camping, Freeport has it all. We even have a doggie daycare so four legged friends can enjoy vacation too.

We have a complete list of Freeport accommodations on our website.

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Freeport’s Maine Events
Freeport Fall Festival
Sparkle Celebration
Flavors of Freeport
L.L.Bean Summer in the Park
Fourth of July Weekend

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