Give A Gift Get A Gift
For every $30.00 worth of gift cards purchased, we give the customer one free Weekday Pass.
The pass expires March 31, 2018 and can be used weekdays (Monday – Thursday) for admission to the film of the customer’s choice.
The $30.00 increment can be one card for thirty, three cards for ten, two for fifteen – etc. . If you purchase more than thirty dollars worth you will get another pass for each increment. The pass is good for any movie during our normal hours of operation, day or night. One other good thing about the pass is that it will even cover the up charge for 3D films.
The Give A Gift Get A Gift program ends 1/4/18.
The “free” passes expire 3/31/18.
Nordica Theatre
 1 Freeport Village Station Suite 130 S