Swing on by to check out our great new store layout featuring amazing new jewerly and clothing displays.

Mexicali Blues is a Maine based retail company that since 1988 has offered an original line of Mexicali clothing, one of a kind jewelry, home goods and handmade giftware from around the world.

A love of music and travel was what sparked the start of Mexicali.  Taking the name from a Grateful Dead song, we opened our first store in Portland in 1988, and have steadily grown with the opening of five additional stores located in Newcastle, Raymond, Freeport, Bangor and another Portland store right across the street that focuses in jewelry.  Each location offers a worldly experience that matches the  opulent feel of street kiosks or bazaars in foreign lands, with sights, sounds, and smells you won’t find anywhere else!

We travel frequently, importing responsibly through creating and maintaining long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with the artisans and families who create our merchandise.  We are proud to offer imported wares that our customers can feel good about in all possible ways!

Back home here in Maine, we wholeheartedly embrace our own community culture, frequently sponsoring local concerts and events for environmental and educational causes.

Mexicali Blues is your local Maine connection to the global marketplace, with an array of exotic items that have been responsibly imported and affordably priced. With funky bohemian goods from countries like India, Nepal, Thailand, Bali, Guatemala and Mexico, you can shop around the world without the price of a plane ticket!